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    QR & Barcode Scanner

    Qr Code Reader and Creator App easily fulfil requirement for Qr Scanner App for different Barcodes formats like Datamatrix, Code128, Azte Code, UPC-A, Codabar,PDF 417, ITF, EAN-8, Code39 and more. No Need for a separate app for Aadhaar Card Sacnner & Bharat QR Code.

    QR Code scanner is very easy to use, you turn on the app then watch QR code or Barcode by camera. You will see information of QR code or barcode.

    HTML tutorial

    App Features

    Qr Scanner

    Scan Any Qr code 2020 or Barcode, Scan Aadhaar Card, Bharat QR Code or Jio codes.

    QR Creator

    QR code for Phone number, URL, Email Address, Location, Post Address, Free Texts, Bookmark & Calendar Event.

    QR codes history

    See your past scanned QR codes in history, Decode QR directly from URL or Web address.

    Share QR

    Share QR image on social network, Save Generated QR code in SD card.

    App Screenshots